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Quick introduction for your doctors;

Prof. Mahmoud Al-Salem; M.D FRCS, FRCOphth

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Dr. Mahmoud Al-Salem

Senior consultant of ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery. He was the first Oculoplastic surgeon in Jordan. Dr. Mahmoud is a pioneer in the field of ophthalmology as he was one of few doctors to put the corner stones of ophthalmology residency training programs in Jordan. He is a former professor at Jordan University for science and technology and an examiner in many ophthalmology international exams. He is well know to master many arts of ophthalmology medicine, like cataract surgery extraction, refractive surgery, squint surgery and medical retina. For more details about his CV please click the picture.

Prof. Khalil Al-Salem, M.D, FRCS, FICO:

Dr. Khalil Al-Salem

Consultant ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery . Currently a professor of ophthalmology at Mutah university. He is well know for his enthusiasm and up-to date knowledge. He is very interested in Both cosmetic and aesthetic surgery around the eyes. He is well know for practicing comprehensive ophthalmology as well. Like cataract refractive surgery, squint and medical retina. for more details please click the pictures.

What we do best!

Eyelid surgery for baggy eyes:


Your eyes is the first to get noticed in your face. At Al-Salem eye clinic we give you the best results in improving the looks of your eyes by using the state of the art technology. Blepharoplasty doesn’t mean just removing excess fat or skin, but we took the surgery one step a head to involve eye size augmentation and improving eyelid shape and function.

Do you think your eyes are not straight?


you have got the right people to fix it .

Is your lid droopy?


You have reached the right destination! At Al-Salem eye clinic , we manage various kinds of droopy lids whether adult or children form. Whether it is a is acquired or you were born with it. definitely, you will have the best solution.

We are the Best to manage Thyroid eye disease:

proptosis 1

Whether your problem is popped out eyes, double vision or a starry look, your problem is solved at Al-Salem Eye clinic. Highly specialized doctors with a great experience in the management of thyroid eye disease and it’s complications.

Even when they think there is no hope for vision. We can still draw a big smile on your face!


Prosthetic eyes are a great solution for terminal eye problems. It doesn’t treat the appearance of the patient but also it increases self stamina and public confidence. And we are the best to provide it.

Is it cataract, Glaucoma or any eye problem, We are your best choice for an eye check up, We provide the best health plan for you!

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