Conjunctival Anatomy ■ The conjunctival epithelium includes goblet cells that produce the mucous layer of the tear film. ■ The conjunctival stroma comprises a superfi cial adenoid layer and a deep fi brous layer. The former contains lymphoid tissue that results in follicle formation with appropriate stimuli (it is undeveloped in infants who cannot develop a follicular … Continue reading EXTERNAL EYE DISEASE (Conjunctiva)

contact lenses

Contact lenses often provide better visual acuity and peripheral vision than do eyeglasses and can be prescribed to correct the following: Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism Anisometropia Aniseikonia (a difference in image size) Aphakia (absence of the lens) after cataract removal Keratoconus (a cone-shaped cornea) Either soft or rigid lenses are used to correct myopia and hyperopia. Toric … Continue reading contact lenses

comprehensive eye examination

The eye can be examined with routine equipment, including a standard ophthalmoscope; thorough examination requires special equipment and evaluation by an ophthalmologist. History History includes location, speed of onset, and duration of current symptoms and history of previous ocular symptoms; the presence and nature of pain, discharge, or redness; and changes in visual acuity. Worrisome … Continue reading comprehensive eye examination