Cataracts made simple for medical students

Dr. khaled al Zubi lecture Dr. Fawaz alsarayreh lecture INTRODUCTION Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed procedure in the United States with an estimated 2.79 million cataract extractions in 2005 (ASCRS 2006). In 2004, 1.8 million Medicare beneficiaries underwent this procedure (AAO 2006). This is not surprising, as the likelihood of having…… Continue reading Cataracts made simple for medical students


Preoperative Assessment Cataract is the most common cause of treatable blindness worldwide. Most cataracts are age-related. An estimated  30% of those aged over 65 have visually significant (<6/12) cataract and 70% of those over 85 years. Whilst age is the predominant risk factor for cataract formation, the process is multifactorial and remains to be fully elucidated. To…… Continue reading CATARACT SURGERY